WEBFI-Cpanel-WordPress Security Features with WordPress Toolkit for cPanel

WordPress Security is a top feature of cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit. Get a security checklist and see the safety features WordPress recommends for your site. Check the security of all of your WordPress sites with one click. You can customize security features, choosing to install only critical measures, all recommended measures, or only the safety measures […]

WEBFI-Cpanel-How to Customize WordPress Maintenance Mode

WordPress Maintenance Mode allows you to work on your site behind the scene or perform site maintenance while users simply see an Under Construction Page or Coming Soon Page. Learn how to create a custom maintenance page with your own personalized message and links to your social media channels using WordPress Toolkit for cPanel. We’ll […]

WEBFI-Cpanel-EasyApache 4 | cPanel Conference Session

Whether you’re running a hosting operation with thousands of servers or just a handful, this talk will light up the ways EasyApache 4 and our new MultiPHP support can save time, lower operation costs, and increase flexibility for developers and site owners. Presenter: Jacob Perkins source

WEBFI-Cpanel-WHM Tutorials – File and Directory Restoration

cPanel & WHM’s File and Directory Restoration interface allows you to restore items from local backup files or directories. Documentation: File and Directory Restoration in WHM — https://go.cpanel.net/whmdocs72FileandDirectoryRestoration File and Directory Restoration in cPanel — https://go.cpanel.net/cpaneldocs72FileandDirectoryRestoration How to Manage Metadata Settings — https://go.cpanel.net/MetadataSettings @2018 cPanel, Inc. www.cpanel.com cPanel & WHM versions 68 and 72+ source

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